No medication shall be dispensed to any student unless the following rules are observed:

  1. The medication must be prescribed by a licensed medical or osteopathic physician or dentist.
  2. The parent or guardian must sign a request to have this prescribed medication dispensed to the child according to the written directions of the prescribing physician or dentist.
  3. The prescription and the parent’s signed request to dispense the medication are to be kept on file in the office from which the medication will be dispensed.
  4. The medicine shall be maintained in the original prescription container which shall be labeled with: (a) name of pupil, (b) name of medication, (c) directions for use, (d) name of physician or dentist, (e) name and address of pharmacy, and (f) date of prescription.
  5. The medication, while at school, shall be kept in a designated place, in a locked drawer or cabinet.   When required, refrigeration will be provided.
  6. In each building that houses a full-time registered nurse, access to the medication shall be under the authority of the nurse.
  7. In each building housing a less than full-time nurse, access to the medication shall be under authority of the building principal or a person designated by the principal.
  8. A written record will be kept on any medication(s) given at school.   This record will include the pupil’s name, the name of the medication, the amount of medication to be given, and the time at which it is to be given.   After the medication is given, the person dispensing the medication will initial the medication sheet with his/her initials.   The record shall be kept each time the medication is given at school, on the appropriate “Medication List” form.
  9. At the end of the school year, or at the end of a dispensing time, any remaining medication shall be returned to the pupil’s parents or destroyed.   If medication is destroyed, this should be noted on the pupil’s health record.

Although these are the rules required by law as to the administration of medication, because of legislation passed in 1992, there are restrictions as far as which individuals may be required by the school district to administer any medications. There are specific rules governing self-administration of medications for asthma or airway constrictions. You can request a copy of those rules from your building principal.

No over-the-counter medications will be dispensed at school unless a written permission note from the parent is on file in the school office. These over-the-counter medications must be in the original container as school staff cannot administer any medication that is not properly labeled. The note from the parent must be dated and signed by the parent, and written directions for giving enclosed. All prescriptions must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. Please use the Medication Release Form if your child needs to take medicine at school. Additional forms will be available at your child’s school.